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Curriculum Vitae Sahro Mohamed

Educational Achievements

2006: MA degree in Medical Anthropology/Development Sociology, (MA), Leiden University

2005: Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology, Leiden University
2002-2005: Various Certificates & Diplomas in Peace & Conflict Studies, Disaster & Humanitarian Studies, various universities

2005: ‘Understanding Women’s Human Rights’, extra curriculum course, Extra-curriculm course
University of Amsterdam
2004: ‘Transitional Justice’, extra curriculum course, University of Utrecht, Utrecht
2004: Policymaking strategies in the third World, extra curriculum course, University of Leiden,
2004: ‘Youth Transforming Conflict’, extra curriculum training course, The Network
University, Amsterdam
2004: ‘Gender and Conflict Transformation’, extra curriculum training course, The Network
University, Amsterdam
2004: ‘Peace Journalism’, extra curriculum training course, Transcend Peace University
(TPU), Romania
2003: ‘Peace Education and Conflict Resolution’, extra curriculum course, University of Leiden,
2000: Computer Skills Course; Word, Excel, Filmmaker, PowerPoint


Additional Education and Participation at the International Level

2006: Guest Speaker, paper presented, “Healing Matrimonial: Gender and Spirit Possession among
the Somali Nomads in Mandera, Kenya, Swansea University, Whales
2005: Guest Speaker, paper presented “The Challenges Facing the Educational & Scientific
Advancement of Somalia, Alexandria, Egypt
2005: Guest Speaker international Conference ‘Islam and Europe-Mixed or Separated?’, Bucharest,
2005: Guest Speaker Conference ‘Pastoralism in the Horn of Africa: Surviving Against All Odds’,
PENHA Network, London
2005: Delegate and Speaker, paper presented “Harnessing the Potential of Somali Youth”, ‘World
Youth Conference’, Edinburgh, Scotland
2005: Trainer & Facilitator Intercultural Communication, ‘Youth Fighting Aids/HIV’, Riga, Latvia
2005: Member International Planning Committee (IPC), ‘Gender and Religion’, EYCE, Greece
2005: Trainer & Facilitator European Workshop, ‘Celebrating Diversity in Culture and In Faith’,
EYCE, Warsaw, Poland
2004: ‘Trainer & Facilitator ‘Reconciliation as a Means for Sustainable Peace’ Training Seminar,
Ecumenical Youth Council of Europe (EYCE) Strasbourg, France
2004: Member organizing team ‘International Seminar on ‘Nomadic and Pastoralist Education;
Improving access for Pastoralists and its Importance for Development’, NCDO, The Hague
2004: Member of International Planning Committee (IPC) ‘Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue-
Avoid conflicts’, Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe (EYCE), Greece
2004: Guest Speaker ‘Gender and Non-violence’ Consultation and Training for Women Trainers,
Women Peace Makers Program, International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), Chiang
Mai, Thailand
2002: Participant ‘International Politics in a Global Age’, summer course, University of Cambridge,
Cambridge (ECHO-AWARD)
2002: Participant Training Course ‘Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills fro Migrant Women’,
Young Women form Minorities, (YWM), Youth Directorate Council of Europe, European
Youth Center, Strasbourg, France

(Voluntary) Work Experience/Organizational Skills

2006: Freelance Journalist, Inter-consultancy Bureau Leiden (ICB), diverse Journalistic organizations
2005: Initiator and Organizer Project “Father Christmas in de Mosque”, Bridging gaps in Dutch  
society, National
2005: Committee Member, VLAG-project, Dutch Expert Centre (NEAG) Alternatives to Violence
2005: Organizing Team, International Conference “Africa Day”, Evert Vermeer Stichting, Utrecht
2005: Organizing Team, Amnesty International Film festival, Amsterdam
2005: Facilitator, Workshop Youth, Choice & Sexuality, CHOICE, Hilversum
2004: ‘Benefit for Bam’, fundraising multicultural festival for Bam (Iran), Leiden
2004: Producer Documentary ‘Listening to the Voices of the African Diaspora Youth In The
Netherlands’ for the occasion of the African Student’s Annual Conference, UNOY, The Hague
2004-06:  Special Trainer, Project Intercultural Communication Techniques for Dutch Public Workers,
Cultural- Connections, whole country
2004: Guest Speaker & Member Organizing team, Beijing+10, international Women’s Conference,
2003-04: Initiator & Chairwoman, Somali women’s Association (SWA), Leiden
2003: Organizing committee, African Students conference, United Network of Young Peacebuilders
(UNOY), The Hague
2003: Organizing Team, International Conference “The Roles & Responsibilities of Diaspora Women
In Peace building and Conflict Prevention”, The Hague
2003: Office assistant, United Network of Young Peacebuilders, (UNOY), Purmerend
2003: Initiator Project ‘Erayo’, Dutch Language stimulating competition for Somali School kids & Debate: ‘What are the barriers Somali kids face in schools and what are the possible solutions?’ With over 160 guests including Dutch primary and secondary school teachers and directors. We also published 300 copies of the book with all the poems and stories of participants of the competition.
2003: Facilitator Workshop ‘Life-story of a Refugee’, IFMSA, Medical students international
conference, “Refugees, Conflict and the AIDS Endemic”, Amsterdam
2003: Campaign ‘No Face without Papers” campaign against putting refugees on the streets, Refugee
Council Leiden, Leiden
2002: Volunteer Feeding assistant & computer coach, ‘Rijn & Vliet’ Home for the Elderly, Leiden
2002: Initiator Project “Poetry as a Medium of Expression”, For traumatize Refugee Children,
Dutch Refugee Camp, Leiderdorp
2002: Facilitator Workshops “Peace Education and Alternatives to Violence” in Primary Schools,
Whole Country
2002: Facilitator Workshop ‘History and Side-effects of FGM in Somalia: Understanding the True
Motivations Underplaying the existence & Persistence of FGM in Africa’, 8th Of March International Women’s Day, Leiden
2002: ‘Project ‘Mixed Schools’, Promoting Ethnic & Religious Diversity in Duitch High schools
Leiden, Leiden
2001-now: Social worker and volunteer, language & homework assistant Somali school children, Leiden

Outstanding achievements

2006: Winner ‘Best Fieldwork Award in the Study-Fraternity Cultural Anthropology, Leiden
2005: Board member & Consultant, United Network of Young Peace builders (UNOY), The Hague
2005: Editor the Dutch Association of African Studies (NVAS) Periodical, Leiden
2005: Special Reporter & Editorial Board Member, Afro Euro Hi-lite Magazine; The premier magazine of the African-European community
2004-present: Trainer (Diversity & Intercultural Communication) European Youth Forum, Strasbourg
2004: Peace Education Trainer, Dutch Expert Center Alternatives to Violence, (NEAG), Utrecht
2004: One of the 20 nominated students for an interview and discussion for the “Humanity in Action”
Summer program, Amsterdam (Trip to New York, Germany, France and Belgium)
2004: One of the chosen 15 for an interview for The “Leiden Harvard Model United Nations”
(HMUN­), University Of Leiden
2003: Publication second poetry book: ‘Sounds of Laughter: an anthology of poems from the soul”,
The Kreet Publishers, Leiderdorp
2002: Winner ‘ECHO-Award’, for being an outstanding socially active foreign student by Minister
Hermans (Education, Culture and Science), The Hague
2001: Publication first poetry book: ‘Between Summon and Echo”, Multimedia Publishers, Leiden
2000: Winner ‘Rabobank Poetry Prize’, Rabo-bank Cultural PrizeLeiden


Member of/ Affiliated with

The Dutch Association of the United Nations (NVVN)
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Utrecht
Multicultural Women Peacemakers Netherlands (MWPN), NOVIB, Amsterdam
Women for Peace International (Vrouwen Voor Vrede, VVV), Amsterdam
International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), Alkmar
Women Peacemakers Program (WPP), IFOR, Alkmar
Club 2000, Dutch National Youth Council, Amsterdam
European Youth Forum, Council of Europe Dept. of Youth, Culture and Sport, Strasbourg, France
Young Women from Minorities (YWM), Pisa, Italy
ZAMI- self help organization for black, migrant and refugee women, Amsterdam
United Network of Young Peace builders, UNOY Peace builders, The Hague
Dutch Expertise Center for Alternatives to Violence (VLAG-Project) (NEAG)
Taking IT Global
International Young Professionals Foundation (IYPF), Australia



Own Books:

(Poetic) Contributions in;



Hobbies & interests

I am a very open-minded and human-potential-conscious woman who loves to personally contribute to a more harmonious world with equal rights for women. I truly believe in the power and potential of investing in human resources and therefore completely devote myself to this cause. Secondly, having experienced war, but not being weakened by it, I advocate for gender justice and women’s human rights. Coming from a culture where women are seen not understood to have dreams of their own and where the girl-child is solely prepared for the kitchen, ­my own exploits and endeavors in making young girls regain their strength and self-confidence and of climbing the ladder of success, have not always been a smooth one. Educating people about the hardships of women and in particular of refugee-women’s rights is something I am driven to do. Thirdly, I find it extremely important that immigrants and refugees in the west participate in the social and global debate on issues that affect them and are present in decision-making processes so that they could function as role-models for the generations to come. Last but not least, I am committed to not only the idea but the reality of an Africa that is able to transcend famine, war, disease, dictators, incompetent and corrupt "leaders" and every other plague to become what all those who fought for her independence dreamed she could be. I don't expect it to happen in my lifetime but I hope to contribute to the process. I tremendously enjoy campaigning for sustainable peace and development and I also enjoy academic challenges. Helping those in need in a personal way is something that is deep-rooted in me, something that is part and parcel of my spirit and nature.